logoRiddle Technology Solutions (RTS) was founded in 2005 by Douglas Riddle who, after several years as a programmer for a software development company, identified the tremendous and severely underserved need for technology expertise on all levels of industry and consumerism. Within days of launching the company, RTS was overwhelmed with calls for help from small to medium size businesses (SMB) and residential customers alike all expressing many of the same issues.

RTS specializes in helping SMB’s with as few employees as the sole proprietorship all the way up to firms having as many as 80 to 90 people. As the requirements to manage the ever-changing pace of the tech industry continually increase, businesses who try the “DYI” approach often find themselves spending more time and resources dealing with IT issues than they do focusing on what makes them a great and viable business. This is where the RTS team excels in turning that valuable time resource back to your organization letting you get back to what you do best.

With over 10 years of servicing thousands of customer needs, RTS has grown from a basic “break-fix” business model to a full service IT entity providing state of the art cloud technologies, virtualized system integration, and full Disaster Recovery Planning without ever forgetting what is most important to its success; our customers.