Cloud Office Server Hosting

Cloud Office Server Hosting

Is the server in your office getting old?

Are you worried about:

Server Hardware failing?

Viruses infecting your network?

Whether or not your backups are “up-to-date”?

Do you have an offsite disaster recovery plan?


It’s time to replace the Server in your Office!


All these worries and concerns will be a thing of the past with our Cloud Office Server solutions! If you are still running Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has ended support for that operating system as of July 2015.

We will help you convert your in-house server to a Cloud Server. Everything will work exactly the same as before, the only difference is your server will be located in our secure data center, complete with redundant power, Internet and security!

Our data center has been providing Cloud Servers for over 10 years! We have tremendous experience in migrating data, supporting applications and providing live, personalized support. We provide on-going problem resolution, licensing management, server updates and monitoring, all in our compliant Data Centers:


All Required Licensing Included Certified Data Centers
No hardware to buy or maintain Reliable Backup & Disaster Recovery
Live Helpdesk Support Migration assistance
Antivirus Software Included Large Storage Capacity
High Security Server Monitoring and Management


Some Useful Additional Information:

Microsoft Office 2013: Get the latest version of Office. Access it anytime, anywhere.

Security: Servers are protected by a Cisco Firewall and only secure traffic is allowed. In addition, our data center utilizes a multi-level security system and 24 x 7 monitoring.

Data Backup: Servers are backed up every night and kept for 14 days in our secure vault. When data is backed up, it is stored in encrypted format on the vault. This prevents anyone from accessing or recovering the data other than our support staff. Never worry about whether your files are backed up, ever again!

Connectivity: Our data center has high-speed connectivity to the Internet. Your file upload and download speed is only limited by the access speed at your office location.

Customization: Need to run custom applications, like QuickBooks, other accounting or office applications? We can provide your own, private cloud server, just for your organization

Training and Consulting: We can provide training and consulting so you can get the most out of your new Office Server.

How This Works:

  1. We will create a secure, private location for your organization on one of our large Cloud Server farms.
  2. Microsoft Office 2013 is configured for your company
  3. We will configure a private file location to store your files
  4. We will assist in copying all your corporate files to your new cloud server location
  5. Every user will get a new login to the server
  6. Training will be done so users learn how to access their files and Office applications


Cloud Office Server Hosting Plans:

Plan Storage User Accounts Cost Monthly
Small Business 1 100GB 5 Call for the latest Pricing
Small Business 2 500GB 10 Call for the latest Pricing
Medium Business 1 1000GB 20 Call for the latest Pricing
Medium Business 2 2000GB 50 Call for the latest Pricing
Large Business 5000GB 100 Call for the latest Pricing